Benefits of stress reduction


How reducing stress promotes your health
A positive cascade of benefits

Many studies of massage have shown its ability to decrease stress hormones and calm the nervous system. Dr. Tiffany Field, founder of the Touch Research Institute, University of Miami, has seen massage induce relaxation, resulting in a cascade of physical and emotional effects. All of these effects can bolster your health as well as your ability to cope with stress.

- Increased feeling of well-being. Deep relaxation in addition to improved circulation results in the cleansing of waste products and improved nutrition to your cells. Increased energy, renewed optimism, and a tingling, balanced feeling can be the result.

- Reduced anxiety. Feeling relaxed and calm can make it easier to handle emotional stress and anxiety.

- Reduced insomnia. Pregnant women, menopausal women, seniors, people suffering from fibromyalgia and anyone experiencing stress or pain may find their normal sleep patterns disrupted. Deep relaxation from massage contributes to deeper and more restorative sleep.

- Improved digestion. Excess stress can result in abdominal tension. As it relaxes, massage can indirectly help with the constipation, gas, and heartburn associated with pregnancy, aging, or illness.

- Recovery from surgery. Massage can help reduce anxiety and tension before surgery. Afterward, avoiding the area of surgery, overall massage can help assist the flow of nutrition to cells and the removal of wastes, resulting in faster, more efficient healing.

- Reduced mental fatigue, confusion. Hospital employees reported feeling less confusion after brief chair massage. With improved circulation, the flow of oxygen to the brain is improved, temporarily increasing mental clarity.

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