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Many of us spend much of our day hunched over. We may be working at a computer, using a smart phone, reading or engaging in a similar activity, but the posture is the same: the head and neck are tilted downward and the shoulders are rolled forward. By the end of the day the neck and shoulders can become stiff and sore from holding these muscles in this poor position.

A good stretch to relieve tension in the neck muscles is to lay down on a bed face up and let the head and neck hang over the end. It is effective because it allows the neck muscles to move in the opposite way from how they are usually used. The neck is tilted back instead of forward.

During your day, to help prevent muscle tension from accumulating, stretch your neck to each side (ear to shoulder) and roll your shoulders backwards a few times. Stretch often to help correct forward posture of the neck and shoulders.

Sarah Gaudette
Paradise Therapy
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