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In my job there are always many tasks to complete every day. Sometimes it feels overwhelming because I don't know where to start and what to work on. It can be difficult to stay on task amidst so much going on.

What has worked for me to stay focused on the tasks I need to complete is to make a list. Now it is important to keep this a short list of up to 5 tasks. In the past in an attempt to organize what needed to be completed I would make a giant master list of about 20 or more tasks. A problem with this was that it was daunting. Too many things to do created panic and resulted in procrastination because I didn't see the list as doable. I didn't want to attempt it and fail so I often never got started on the tasks. Another problem with the long list was that the tasks that were a big priority often got lost in the shuffle. The tasks that needed to be completed first did not get done until later when I had less time to complete them and it caused unnecessary stress.

On great days I get all 5 tasks completed and then even add 1 or 2 more and cross those off too. On very busy, chaotic days I gets 2 or 3 of the 5 tasks completed and then start on the remaining tasks the next day. I try to put a few tasks on my list that are fairly easy to complete, but still need to get done. In my company we offer massage and facial services to our clients. I send out cards to clients when it is their birthday to wish them a happy birthday. Sending out the birthday cards is an example of a task that is fairly easy to complete because it doesn't require too many steps in order to accomplish it. Another task I do often is entering new client data into the computer and then sending the client a thank-you card thanking them for their business. This requires a few steps and takes longer to complete.

It can be helpful to create a short to-do list in order to stay on task. This strategy keeps me from getting distracted and I am able to accomplish a lot of tasks at work. It gives me a sense of satisfaction when I can cross off a task I have completed. When I am busy, having a to-do list is really instrumental to staying organized and reducing stress at work.

Sarah Gaudette
Paradise Therapy
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