Beat work stress

Six tips to feel better and work better Letting stress build up at work can lead to tension and irritability and can even cause you to dislike an otherwise interesting job. Here are some suggestions to better manage the effects of stress. - Pace yourself. Keep your expectations of yourself and co-workers realistic and don't make a habit of putting in extra hours. If you find yourself trying to meet...

Reflexology reduces stress

Reflexology, past and present Technique reduces stress, tension, anxiety Asian art tells us that foot massage has been practiced for centuries, most famously in the pictographs found in the tomb of an ancient Egyptian physician. In the late 19th century, osteopathic doctors began investigating and talking about reflexology. These pioneers used reflex points all over the body to diagnose and heal. Their...

Spring meditation

Seven-step meditation for spring Review and plan your life for a more satisfying year Spring is a potent season to look over the past and institute changes for the future. It is a good time to set clear goals, or intentions, that reflect your desires. This spring, let your impulses follow the growth you see in nature, and see how it affects your own perceptions and desires. To get started, try this...

Massage erases pain

Tweet Massage erases pain How does it work? You know how much better you feel after a massage. How does it work? –  Massage may stimulate release of natural pain-relievers such as endorphins. –  Massage stretches tight muscles and sends messages to the nervous system to relax. –  Massage increases circulation, which flushes irritating waste products and floods tight muscles with...

Massage reduces stress

Massage reduces stress, boosts well-being Research demonstrates benefits Therapeutic massage has been used for stress and pain relief around the world throughout the ages. As long ago as the 5th century Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, wrote, "the physician must be experienced in many things, but assuredly also in rubbing." Modern research, such as studies by the Touch Research Institute at the...

Valentine’s Massage

Give the gift of massage The perfect Valentine's present "Our favorite gifts are the ones that allow us to express emotion and make us feel special," said gift expert and author of The Perfect Present, Robyn Spizman. "They are personal expressions of our feelings for each other." One survey found that 46 percent of the respondents said that they think flowers and candy are too nonspecific to show someone...

Are you stressed?

How stressed are you? Take the first step in coping with stress Are you tense much of the time? Do you have frequent headaches, neck or back aches? Or do you have trouble sleeping? While stress is a given in life and may motivate us to do our best, learning to recognize when it is a problem is vital to feeling well. The effects of stress can creep up on you and are often the result of events or life...

Tips for Self-Care

Quick tips for self-care Take care of yourself between massages Here are just a few things you can do to prolong the health-giving benefits of your massage between sessions. 1. Take time to relax. Arrange your schedule to include more down time. Go away for the weekend, or even just for an hour! 2. Drink water. Fluid is squeezed from your muscles during massage, and circulation is increased. Drinking water...

New Year’s Health Tips

Start the new year right! Renew your commitment to good health Now that the new year has begun, you may be making resolutions or enjoying the memories of good times at the holidays. No matter what, remember to take good care of yourself during the short days and colder weather of winter. Honor the moods of winter Starting with the bustle of the holidays, many people find it hard to stick to their wellness...

Massage at the Holidays

Tips to make the most of your massage Are you anxious about your social and family obligations this holiday? Having trouble taking time for yourself? Many people cancel their massage appointments this time of the year -- just when they need it most. But massage can be the best gift you give yourself. Massage can help you let go, breathe deeply, and bring you back to balance. Massage is known for its...
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